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Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for Escape

E is for Escape
I suppose there are many reasons I dance…this first being that I can’t fly!  If I could fly then I would no doubt fly to escape what ever reality is annoying me at the time.  But since I can’t fly, I dance to escape my annoying realities.  When I dance, I find it nearly impossible to continue to focus on anything other than my connection with my partner, the music and movement of the dance…and really why should I try to concentrate on anything else?  When I’m on the dance floor, I think dance.  The wood floor is my sanctuary, the dance my escape.  And after an evening of dance, body tired, and mind much calmer, my annoying realities seem to retreat until the next day.

Dance of the Day:  East Coast Swing

A type of swing dance with a 6-count basic pattern typically called out as quick-quick, triple step, triple step or rock step, triple step, triple step.  East coast swing is rotational in nature, with one partner usually rotating around the other.  It dates back to the 1940s and is danced to the slower (not the slowest) swing music….energetic but still slow enough that the triple steps can be comfortably executed.


  1. A blog about dancing. Pretty cool. I tried swing, but couldn't get the hang of it. I may try this one next time. New follower!
    - Maurice Mitchell
    The Geek Twins | Film Sketchr
    @thegeektwins | @mauricem1972

  2. Hi, wish I could dance, but just don't have the skills for it. I love to watch however. Is Escapre a word? (In your title). Gotta go, got lots of people to visit. Thanks for the really neat post. Ruby

  3. I can dance--but not as wonderfully as I'd like to. Mostly i look like i'm having some kind of spasm on the dance floor. :)
    Great A-Z post!

  4. I totally agree that when you dance you can completely escape from everything else. I should dance more!
    Giggle, Laugh, Cry

  5. I use to be a dancer. Well, I tried. I danced for Disney and stuff. I miss it! I've talked about trying ballroom some day.
    I'm here from A to Z.
    Ciara Knight