A to Z Challenge

Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for Zigzag!

Z is for Zigzag

So many things in life are zigzags….sort of roughly headed in a given direction but not directly getting there....really...when was the last time you drove right up to the parking place directly in front of the store door? 

Dance is no different.  Many progressive dances such as waltz use a sequence of patterns to zigzag move in the direction of line of dance, at least the generally in that direction, while zigzagging back and forth.  Learning to dance is a zigzag sort or process….stay with it and you will learn, but it is not a direct process, there are zigzags along the way….head off one way, learn something, head back the to other way, learn something else, eventually end up at your goal, hopefully with all the skills and technique you need…and then set another goal and zigzag off toward it. 

Funny how dance echoes life….live well….dance!


  1. I like that analogy about life. Congrats on finishing the challenge!

  2. That is cool to know. It really does apply to life doesn't it?