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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I is for Inspire

I is for Inspire

What inspires you to dance?  Or…what would inspire you to dance?

 …moving with your favorite music?  …honoring your loved one’s wishes (as in “Honey….lets learn to dance…PLEASE”)!  …watching a dancing tv show or movie?

When I started dancing, I was inspired to learn to be a really good follower.  No matter how good or bad the lead, no matter the type of dance or speed of music, I wanted to be able to follow that lead and follow it well!  Today I am still inspired to be a really good follower.  But I also find inspiration in helping others learn to dance…achieve their dance aspirations!  It is truly amazing to watch to be part of another dancer’s learning process…especially those who think they have 2-left feet!

 So…what inspires you to dance?

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