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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

N is for NightClub 2-Step

N is for Nothing

Nothing is what I strive to think when I dance.  I do not want to have to think about my feet and where they are stepping.  I do not want to wonder whether I have the skill to follow my partner.  I especially do not want to second guess what my partner is trying to lead…I will be wrong.  I simply want to feel my partner’s lead and respond, as well as I can.  No thinking, just the cadence of the music in my head, a smile on my face and the knowledge that I have the skills in muscle memory to move as I need to in order to follow what is led.  Nothing more.  Nothing at all.

Dance of the Day:: NightClub 2-step

Nightclub 2-step is a contemporary social dance that was created in the mid-1960s to dance to mid-tempo ballads in 4/4 timing.  It has a quick-quick-slow timing and rock-step -side to side movement that can rotate and float around the floor.  The hold is relaxed and has a casual, romantic feel.

During the 1980s, the country western dance community adopted the dance and over time adapted it for the many slower country music ballads, dancing it on slow-quick-quick timing and replacing the rock step with a close-cross movement on the quicks and a strong, developed slow.  Called NightClub, the dance is one of the 8 dance that are danced competitively on both the UCWDC and ACDA circuits.

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